A Short Course in Brain Surgery

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Filmmaker Stuart Browning shows the callousness of “single-payer”, government-run health care systems as practiced in Canada.

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  1. On Nov 7, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    I never said the US should care what system I like but you obviously seem to think that I should care about your opinions. After all YOU were the one that originlly replied to one of MY comments. MY REPLIES ARE ONLY IN RESPONSE TO YOUR ORGINAL REPLY TO ME. Had I cared at all about anything you had to say I would have been the first to respond to one of your comments, JUST AS YOU DID TO ME. Therefore, I conclude that you seem to care much more about what I think than I do of you.

  2. On Nov 8, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS76 said:

    Generic drugs are cheaper in the US but overall perscription drugs are cheaper in CAN. Call it being dishonest/misleading on your part, it really doesn’t matter to me. What’s your point about the mothers? The closest hosp. that could look after a difficult delivery was in Seattle. So? I think the main point here is that her premature baby was delivered and fully paid under CANs UHC system. If she was in Toronto she would not have had to go to the US. The CAN Health ACT was not compromised.

  3. On Nov 9, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    I would again remind you that NAZI is not a term that I would consider using as it can only be thought of in a derogatory way unless you are referring to Germany in the 1930′s.

  4. On Nov 12, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    Again based on your logic, I did not say that you were calling me a NAZI. Did I? But you do seem to be throwing that term around and again it can only be used in a derogatory way in today’s world. Again it speaks to the character of the individual.

  5. On Nov 15, 2007, default013 said:

    Oh and one more thing.

    You: “I really don’t care what system you like.”

    That’s great. Because I’m an American voter and you’re a Canadian. The US doesn’t care what system YOU like, but it DOES care which one I like. Case closed.

  6. On Nov 15, 2007, default013 said:

    You: “dishonest reply”

    Who is name calling again?

    Look, I didn’t make the report, I’m just showing it to you. Regardless, any nitwit would trust this academic study more than any unsubstantiated claims you might post here.

    Prove it wrong FACTS. While you’re at it, I don’t want you to get bored. Google this: “Canada’s Expectant Moms Heading to U.S. to Deliver”

  7. On Nov 17, 2007, default013 said:

    On top of that, I quote once again for the hard of hearing;

    “I (

  8. On Nov 20, 2007, default013 said:

    Sigh. To quote you:

    “Its typical for some, when losing an argument, to resort to name calling(ie. Nazi).”

    You were referring to no one but me. Liberals always like to have it both ways.

    Where I’m from, people who are particular about grammar are sometimes called “grammar nazis”. Its a slang term you may not have heard up there in Canada so I’ll give you leeway on that one. It is not meant to refer to actual Nazis.

  9. On Nov 22, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    When your refrence issues a disclaimer on itself(ie WIKI), it’s time to get a new refrence. I really don’t care what system you like. After all,you’re the one that was first to reply to my comment. I’m only replying to your dishonest reply. If you took a large sample of US gen. drugs they would be cheaper because CAN only purchases in bulk/price protects those drgs with the best clinic results. NOT EVERY DRUG IS CHEAPER. Overall CAN drgs are cheaper,espec. brand name.Too many ref. to mention.

  10. On Nov 24, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    To use your logic, I never said you called me NAZI. However, I do question the character of an individual that would use that term unless of course they were referring to the governing body of Germany in the 1930′s and 1940′s. So I guess I question the relevance of that term as it pertains to this discussion. The term can only be taken as derogatory in whatever purpose you expected it to serve.

  11. On Nov 27, 2007, default013 said:

    And I already talked to you about WIKI. If you don’t like it, fix it. If you want the sources, THEY’RE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Anyway, there’s loads of information out there besides WIKI (some of which I did reference including ONE WIKI article).

    Go and be happy – play in your socialist utopian system. I’m happy with the capitalist system thank you.

    Want more fodder? Google this: “Reuters Average cost of generic prescription drugs in Canada more than double U.S. prices”

  12. On Nov 27, 2007, default013 said:

    You still mad at me FACTS?

    What a grotesque distortion of the FACTS. I said and I quote: “…don’t worry about me, I’m not a grammar nazi”

    This is the only post I made that ever used the word “nazi”. I don’t see how you can possibly come away with the idea that I was calling YOU a nazi, so let me be crystal clear: I NEVER CALLED YOU A NAZI.

    Aside from that, I would have to say that your assertion that I was “losing” the argument is highly debatable.

  13. On Nov 28, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    Its typical for some, when losing an argument, to resort to name calling(ie. Nazi). This clearly shows the character of the individual, particularly evident with someone that would use the term Nazi. However, I guess I shouldnt be surprised considering that remark came from someone that references WIKIPEDIA(Online tool that ANYONE can edit and issues disclaimers on its own content) to support an argument.

  14. On Nov 29, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    60% of the world’s R&D comes from countries that have UHC or according to you systems which “rewards mediocrity rather than innovation”. That’s an awful lot of R&D from systems which reward mediocrity. Again, just another dishonest statement from you.
    Isn’t interesting how China is moving toward a capitalist system and the US is moving in the opposite direction? For example, SCHIP and Obama’s gov’t sponsored health plan. This speaks volumes about the validity of the FREEMARKET CURE.

  15. On Nov 29, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    1) I use to visit an aging relative at a retirmnt home. The only time anyone went to hspital was for an accident or they were about to die. Even then their bodies were just deteriorating. A DR came in for chckups monthly. If one was chroniclly ill they would be in a hspital and not inter. with other like seniors.
    2)Obesity doesn’t just happen at 60. It starts at an early age requiring care for multiple issues. The yrs of care for those add up significantly. HEALTH EXPENSES ALREADY INCURRED.

  16. On Nov 30, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    Okay then since this is just an opinion its meaningless and IRRELEVANT to this thread. However, what is fact is that Brits have the choice of private healthcare or the NHS. 85% of Brits choose the NHS. Similarly, US citizens voted for the candidate that proposed a govt sponsored health insurance plan which moves the system closer to the CAN/UK systems. So much for the FREEMARKET CURE.

  17. On Dec 2, 2007, eilloross said:

    1) Are you really asserting that just because someone can “interact” with other elderly people they don’t have chronic conditions??? I used to volunteer (and “interact”) with an 85 year old woman who had cataracts, severe rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia, trigeminal neuralgia, and a few other chronic health care conditions. She made me dinner. Does she sound “healthy” to you?

    2) Sure, while the obese person is still alive. After he/she dies, that’s a couple decades of NO HEALTH EXPENSES ADDED.

  18. On Dec 5, 2007, eilloross said:

    Again, I never stated that this columnist’s opinion represents the opinion of the entire British population.

    Also, the NHS is IRRELEVANT to US health care reform because NHS is socialized medicine. NO UHC advocate in the US is proposing socialized medicine- just single-payer (snow flake’s chance in hell of passing any time soon) or some other form of government health insurance entity.

  19. On Dec 8, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    1) What do your see at a retirment home?Elderly people interacting with other elderly people with supervison.These people dont have chronic diseases if they did they would be in a hosptal.This is the way most people age.If everyone died of a chrnic disease, life expect. would be less than 75 yrs(US).
    2)An obese person dies earlier than a non-obese person consuming more medical care for their multiple health issues hence costing more.
    I still assert that you should take a look in the mirror.

  20. On Dec 9, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    Again, this is not how the Brits see the film, this is one columnist’s opinion. You referenced this in your comment below and therefore with that and your comment above it appears that you think this person is speaking for all Brits. It is one person/columnist’s opinion and is not fact. What is fact is that Brits have a choice between private care and NHS and more than 85% of Brits choose the NHS. Again just more evidence that you are posting meaningless information.

  21. On Dec 12, 2007, eilloross said:

    1) A person eventually dies of something. You are aware of this fact right? People don’t typically just “fall dead”- aging is a long and debilitating process involving multiple chronic, expensive co-morbidities.

    2) The average obese person has more health problems than a non-obese person AT THE SAME AGE. However, obese persons tend to die 2 decades + earlier while the previously healthy persons develop chronic illnesses later in life ANYWAY.

    I still assert that you are being naive.

  22. On Dec 13, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    1) A person that lives to be 80+ years old has lived longer than the average life expectancy. This is not because they have been kept alive for 20 years, it’s because they have lived a relatively healthy life. Your the one being naive.
    2) The average obese person has more health problems than a non obese person. Here are just a few: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure & heart problems, back, knee, hip problems. These treatments are costly. Yet you say I’m be naive.Take a look in the mirror.

  23. On Dec 17, 2007, eilloross said:

    1) Virtually ALL elderly 80+ have some chronic conditions (osteoarthritis, cancer, heart failure, cataracts, etc). Don’t be naive.
    2) Not necessarily. Various economic studies have shown that even in countries with UHC, the average obese (and smokers) cost less than healthy persons in terms of cumulative lifetime health care costs as the healthy eventually get old and develop numerous chronic illnesses for an extended period of time anyway.

  24. On Dec 20, 2007, eilloross said:

    I am not talking about the columnist’s opinions. I only mentioned it as an example of how even the Brits see the bias in Moore’s film. I never elaborated any further on it- so why do you keep bringing it up???

  25. On Dec 21, 2007, KNWTHEFACTS75 said:

    I never said UK/CAN UHC systems are perfect and neither did Moore. So I fail to see what purpose your statement about a perfect healthcare system provides to this thread. I guess it was just a meaningless statement which is in line with the rest of your comments. You say Moores movie is skewed and biased basing this on a columnists opinion. Not fact but opinion. To imply that this columnists opinion is proof that his movie is skewed and biased is just another meaningless thought.

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