Ackerman on Health Care

EA posted the video:

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
PC in stores 10/30/2008
Xbox 360 in stores 11/13/08

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  1. On Dec 5, 2007, alienwatcher93 said:

    why? it’s just a joke, I did it intentionally

  2. On Dec 8, 2007, Celticoverlord said:

    did you even try to spell any of those words right?

  3. On Dec 9, 2007, aveng006 said:

    Warning: military software detected. Top secret clearance required.

    Signatures required.
    You have 00:30 seconds to

    1. Copy the following link–> gopetition|dot|com/petitions/b ring-back-westwood-studios.htm l
    2. Remove all spaces you encounter from the url.
    3. Add one signature.

  4. On Dec 11, 2007, tam1001 said:

    President Ackerman WOULD be able to give better healthcare; hell, cancer’d get the fuck outta dodge just to steer clear of this guy.

  5. On Dec 12, 2007, NikkoDeeX said:

    he is indestructable because he is a robot

  6. On Dec 12, 2007, qert2 said:

    i thought jackie chan was gonna be a actor on RA3 hahha

  7. On Dec 14, 2007, armydominican69 said:

    lol wow, thass all i can say about this one

  8. On Dec 17, 2007, CreatorOfBoredom said:

    Lol, this is so much better than those new
    “Vote for me. If you want to live.”

    Screw ‘em all, lol.

  9. On Dec 18, 2007, AnotherJohnDoe said:

    Well, I guess we pretty much found a cure for everything.

  10. On Dec 20, 2007, alienwatcher93 said:

    Cherdenko is right: The new Amerrikan Prresident is an Ignorrant Fanatik

  11. On Dec 21, 2007, playhalodude said:

    I am guessing they told them after they found out who ackerman is

  12. On Dec 21, 2007, GeneralArrow said:

    Must have been EA’s staff.

  13. On Dec 25, 2007, AKWF1u said:

    say, how did EA even know how many people wrote in Ackerman?

  14. On Dec 26, 2007, AKWF1u said:

    43 people actucally wrote Howard Ackerman on thier ballot, I wish i was one of them.

  15. On Dec 29, 2007, hoyz91 said:

    ackerman is a robot… lawl

  16. On Dec 30, 2007, playhalodude said:

    It was on the site
    As I quote’My friends I have not won the election I had a good compeitior so I send a congratulations, but for those 43 people that wrote ackerman on their ballots they will not see me at office for a while’unquote

  17. On Jan 2, 2008, Slorginvader said:

    That’s awesome indeed xD
    How do you know?

  18. On Jan 4, 2008, Callsigncoven said:

    ahahahahaam, that is so awesome!

  19. On Jan 7, 2008, johnkerry7 said:

    idk. I think Norris may have met is match!

  20. On Jan 8, 2008, RoosterOfDeath said:

    Ok I like Ackerman’s plans. But the question is would he be able to contain the threat that is Chuck Norris? Norris’ roundhouse kick has caused several hurricanes already. What’s his plans for that?

  21. On Jan 10, 2008, playhalodude said:

    Wow 43 people acutally wrote Ackerman on their ballots

  22. On Jan 12, 2008, chaipasquoi said:

    a good game out of it, with ,immagination,action ,reflection and a good caricature of patriotism and consequences.
    P.S.:I’m not from EA

  23. On Jan 16, 2008, j03yrul3z said:

    hahahahhaaa nice

  24. On Jan 16, 2008, AKWF1u said:

    its a promo for Red Alert 3

  25. On Jan 17, 2008, Magni56 said:

    Prsident Ackerman is from Red Alert 3.

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