Can distilled water go "bad" over time?

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DrewBeliever asked:

I have a gallon of distilled water purchased in 2005 that has an expiration date in 2006. I was recently prescribed a medical device which uses distilled water for humidification and am wondering if it is safe to use up this old jug before buying new ones. Again, this water will not be used for drinking, only for humidifying.

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  1. On Mar 17, 2009, Cody K said:

    water doesnt go bad

  2. On Mar 18, 2009, angelzwings20032001 said:

    You will be fine using it as long as the seal wasn’t broken.

  3. On Mar 20, 2009, primalclaws1974 said:

    apparently it can. All bottled water has an expiration date. Have you ever smelled tap water that has been sitting in a closed container? I used to use milk jugs filled with water to use as weights for building muscle. After a month or so the water smelled like rotten eggs!

  4. On Mar 23, 2009, eji said:

    Hot Springs, Arkansas, water is 2,000 years old from the time it rains and returns to the surface.

  5. On Mar 26, 2009, peanuthead097 said:

    Interestingly, some bottled water is industrially produced (ie, is a waste product of a sort), so that’s probably the cleanest water (distilled, etc), whereas tap water, or even some ‘natural’ bottled water might have organisms living in it. Anything that has been opened (water) will start to grow algae after one week.

  6. On Mar 28, 2009, TAC7 said:

    Yes it can, especially if left open to air without a lid on it

  7. On Mar 31, 2009, Harvester67 said:

    yes it can go bad & you will be breathing it in. ever heard of legionaries disease, its caused by stagnant water that is made airborne through shower heads, ventilation, heating & air con

    bottled water or any water left in sealed or unsealed containers goes off as oxygen needs to go through it.
    ponds with no inlet or outlet are bacteria risks unlike a moving stream. bottled water is pasteurised & but once opened it will start to turn

  8. On Apr 3, 2009, Pat K said:

    Water can go bad for drinking but it would be fine to use in your humidifier.

  9. On Apr 5, 2009, larry w said:

    water stays good as long as negative influences don’t creep in. you’ll see the signs though. the water will begin staying out all night, receive failing grades in school and essentially cut off all communication with you. keep a close eye on those your water hangs out with. it’s good to know who your water is getting influenced by when you’re not around. kudos to you for being concerned enough to ask though. good luck. hope this helps.

  10. On Apr 5, 2009, Ashamed Of Being Olin The JW said:

    The two year stamp on any bottled water is mainly for stock rotation purposes and or lot control. If it is sealed it should be good for years beyond the dates printed.

  11. On Apr 7, 2009, cisco said:

    not too smart, are we? you said yourself jugs of milk… can you take a guess as where the smell is coming from?! no matter how much you rinse it… milk was once in those juggs

  12. On Apr 8, 2009, fireflykerry said:

    Water really doesn’t expire, it’s the plastic jug that it’s in that can expire. Over time, the plastic jug starts to break down and leak.

    We’ve had this happen when we have stored tap water in re-used water jugs (for emergencies). After a year or two later, we noticed that the water started to leak out of the jugs and that small holes were forming in the container.

    So, ultimately, it’s the plastic that goes bad, not the water:)

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