Charlie Rangel on Healthcare

janhelfeld posted the video:

Charlie Rangel says that Jan Helfeld’s “piercing questions” on health care are going to send him to the doctor.

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  1. On Feb 6, 2009, bittergunowner12 said:

    So much for Nancy PIGlosi’s most “open, ethical and honest Congress in history”.

  2. On Feb 8, 2009, nightpotato said:

    at least he was civil in comparison to some of the truly obnoxious and rude people jan has interviewed

  3. On Feb 11, 2009, volvol1 said:

    Generally speaking more of a service is used when it is FREE.

  4. On Feb 14, 2009, tesla921 said:

    Rangel is truly an immoral, narcissistic, ignoramus. He is one of the chief thieves for the gov’t. He should be shunned by all freedom loving people.

  5. On Feb 16, 2009, JakeandElwoodBlues said:

    Jail Rangel

  6. On Feb 18, 2009, exte1967 said:

    and he is charge of american tax policy…put his in jail.

  7. On Feb 20, 2009, JetsMets4Life said:

    Chuck Rangel is a disgrace…

  8. On Feb 23, 2009, fahs said:

    The Republicans have a rule that if indicted they lose thier chairmanship.

    Democrats have not such rule, so Rangle stays despite not paying any taxes.

    Libs, go ahead and call names and make excuses with profainity laded replies. I am no REPUBLICRAT. Rangel needs to go!

  9. On Feb 26, 2009, BRYAN351 said:

    Actually, both Charlie and Jan were right on certain points. Philosophically, I agree with Jan, but Charlie was right in that poor people get sick more often than non-poor people, so that’s why they see doctors more often since medicaid entered the picture.

    But, Jan was absolutely correct in that if healthcare is government provided, and viewed as “free,” then people don’t give a rat’s ass about cost, and don’t shop around like they do when they’re paying for something themselves.

  10. On Mar 1, 2009, scdecade said:

    Wow, that was first rate entertainment. When it dawned on Charlie that he couldn’t gloss over economic reality he simply amplified his BS to obscure.

  11. On Mar 5, 2009, Nickelodeon2002 said:

    Kudos to one pol for at least staying congenial with Jan….I have more respect for Rangle in that he at least will duke it out in a civilized & reasoned fashion. It doesn’t mean he’s right…but at least he didn’t ask the camera be cut off or interview ended just because he was being asked questions that strike deep to his core beliefs….even if those beliefs have no bearing on personal freedom or deep morals.

  12. On Mar 8, 2009, Bigz85020 said:

    I think Charlie Rangel did very well defending his position in this interview. He didn’t persuade me to change my opinion but he held his ground, Unlike Pelosi. If we had a free market health care system, and the country had a prosperous economy, health care would still be provided for free by volunteer organizations. It is a mistake for people to assume that just because the government isn’t providing a service that the service won’t exist.

  13. On Mar 10, 2009, xxxTUGGYxxx said:

    It’s not the doctors, its the patients wanting more services when they know it is free. The reason they get more operations after medicare/medicaid they can actually get them and not worry about bills. True that this benefit is being abused, we get sooooooo many patients on medicare or aid come in for the SMALLEST things

  14. On Mar 11, 2009, zaboomafroo said:

    Apparently, people use free services more than those they have to pay for…weird.

  15. On Mar 13, 2009, tesla921 said:

    Rangel is a member of the parasite class. He takes advantage of all the largess that comes his way as long as somebody else pays for it.

  16. On Mar 15, 2009, leafwatch said:

    Because poor people often believe they are getting something for nothing, they’re more easily talked into unnecessary medicines and surgeries that harm them while boosting profits for mega drug companies and high tech medical providers.

  17. On Mar 16, 2009, jcompt666 said:

    What Rangle so deftly avoids is addressing the fact that the reason heath care is so expensive in the first place is precisely because of the insurance system. No one, including many doctors knows how much a typical doctor’s visit costs. the average person’s deductible will cover it. Are you being overcharged? Well, just look at the actual pricing on your hospital or doctor’s bill. The insurance system acts as a de facto price control system, resulting in price increases and shortages.

  18. On Mar 18, 2009, crowtservo said:

    Rangel doesn’t know anything about medicine. He’s gonna get ulcers from Jan’s piercing questoins? Ulcers are caused by bacteria, so does Jan’s questions have bacteria all over them?

  19. On Mar 21, 2009, Moragauth said:

    Haha somewhat less evasive.

  20. On Mar 21, 2009, JiveDadson said:

    Rangel came off a lot better than the others that Helfeld interviewed. He didn’t blow up, and he answered the questions directly. The claim that poor people get sick more than rich people is plausible. I doubt that it’s true. Not unless the poor people are extremely poor by US standards. But it is plausible.

  21. On Mar 23, 2009, 997GT378 said:

    Actually, I can’t remember who did the study (ill look for it) but in Canada, the rate of people who seek care, is divided along income levels at rates no different than in the US. The big difference however, is that Canadian Health systems suffer a 25% higher mortality rate for things like cancer and heart disease.

  22. On Mar 25, 2009, kevinabt said:

    Why does the guy get so upset about this very simple and straight forward observation of fact. Having people use a service more and also not worry about getting the best price is a logical outcome of making the service free to them. The congressperson doesn’t need to avoid admitting this, all he needs to do is say “Yes, this is one of the short comings of the system we have which is increasing the bills paid by taxpayers.”

  23. On Mar 27, 2009, bamabud said:

    This dude, Jan, is great. Rangels “reasoning” is illogical.

  24. On Mar 29, 2009, libertyeconomics said:

    Rangel is saying there is no increased demand for free things.

  25. On May 30, 2009, guinkitty said:

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  26. On Jul 10, 2009, Craseryimilla said:

    He put his eye to the hole. He just managed to spy some people sitting in deckchairs chanting, before a finger came out of nowhere and poked him in the eye. As he staggered back, the people started chanting, “Fourteen, fourteen, fourteen…”

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