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A great loss to the generic drugs (GDs) industry is being done by the expiry of the Harold Synder, who started the first generic drug company, Biocraft Laboratories, in 1964. He was 86, and died because of the respiratory failure, as said by his family. He received his B.S. in Science from New York University in 1948 and his M.A. in natural science from Columbia University in 1950. His first generic products were antibiotics tablets that he manufactured as the generic versions of penicillin and tetracycline. Later he introduced the generic medicines in the form of capsules and liquids. He was the first and highly successful manufacturer of generic equivalents for brand-name pharmaceuticals. Later on he also started manufacturing antidepressants and heart and hypertensive medications. The Snyder waited for patents on existing drugs to expire and then brought their generic equivalent products to market.

The generic industry has got a very old history because the first generic drug was introduced in the market in around 1920. But, that time no one was believing in the quality of the generic drugs. It was Mr. Harold Synder who gave a rebirth to the generic drugs by applying proper methods of the advertising and marketing. He proved it to customers that generic drugs are not the drugs with the inferior quality, whereas they are the best quality products available at the cheaper cost. He explained to the people that generic drugs are best in quality because they are manufactured in the world class manufacturing units the only difference is that the raw material is imported from the developing countries. As the developing countries has a very less value in comparison to the US dollar we get these medicines at very cheaper rates.

Syndner’s wife was a great support to him in the formation of the company. She helped in everything from the drug manufacturing to the sales of the drugs. Marvin S. Samson, chief executive officer of Samson Medical Technologies, said the Snyder was effective advocates for generic pharmaceuticals with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Also, Snyder had helped establish widely held industry standards. Harold Synder was the first to get the patent for the generic drugs from the FDA.  In 1983, Snyder patented the process, although he chose not to develop it commercially or enforce the patent. Similar systems, some using green plants and microorganisms, are known collectively as bioremediation and are now in wide use. Synder then started getting the good market for the generic drugs as he got the drugs approval from the FDA.

Harold Synder’s caring and generosity touched countless lives around the world, from local charities to medical research, from ecology to music. It was under Harold Synder’s stewardship Biocraft Laboratories became one of the largest generic drug manufacturers in the U.S. In 1989, he brought Biocraft Laboratories, a bulk manufacturing plant, and a $50 million investment in Mexico. He founded HBJ Investments, a private equity and venture capital firm for medical technology and pharmaceuticals, in 1997. His career graph always mounted towards the sky and he worked as the pioneer of the generic drugs industry and also made it a successful division of the pharmaceutical market.

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