Buy your home medical equipment gently used to save money

Many people have a need for home medical equipment to help them get through their daily lives. But mobility devices, home testing equipment, and other home medical supplies can have a huge price tag attached. For example, new wheelchair alone can cost upwards of $400, and that’s only for a standard, low-grade model. For patients needing a motorized chair, the cost can easily total to over $1,000. And once you add in the little extras, like home and vehicle modifications, the total price will likely be way over any budget.

Buying new home medical equipment is simply out of reach for some people, especially if they don’t have health insurance to cover some of the costs. But there is an alternative to purchasing brand new home supplies—buying used. Used medical equipment is usually identical to new supplies except for one important difference: the price tag.

Types of home medical equipment that are available used

Practically all kinds of medical equipment can be purchased used from medical supply companies. In fact, many of these companies make a business out of buying and selling used medical supplies. Sometimes, the companies will refurbish used equipment to make it look as good as new. The most common types of home medical equipment to find used are:

  • Mobility devices: wheelchairs, power scooters and chairs, rollators, stair lifts, and walkers
  • Wheelchair accessories: ramps, car lifts, porch lifts, scooter batteries
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Hospital beds and special mattresses
  • Breathing machines, like CPAPs.

Many other supplies are available as well, but they may be harder to find. Just about the only kinds of medical equipment you won’t find used are disposable, sterile supplies.

How to buy used medical equipment

Buying used home medical equipment is a lot easier than you might think. There are plenty of reputable sellers of used medical supplies online, and many of these vendors have brick-and-mortar stores as well. However, since there are plenty of scams associated with Internet selling nowadays, you should always double check a company to make sure it is legitimate and will give you a quality product. Here are a few things to look for in a home medical equipment company:

  • If you’re buying online, the company should have a physical address listed somewhere on the site. All companies have home bases where they store their home medical equipment. Consider it a warning sign if you don’t see an address.
  • You should always see the product you’re purchasing. If you’re buying online, this means there should be plenty of pictures available.
  • Products must be in good condition and sanitized. This is obvious. If you buy from a reputable seller, all the home medical equipment available will have been cleaned and repaired before going up for sale.

Remember that buying home medical equipment, even when it’s used, is a big purchase. Always shop around for the best bargain. With so many vendors available, it pays to have a look at what each one offers.

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