New Medical Device Improves Chances of Survival

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November 2006 (Medialink) – Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in our country. The statistics are frightening – 95% of all cardiac arrest victims die before they can get to a hospital. American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines highly recommend the use of an impedance threshold device during CPR. Studies show that the device, which is about the size of a human fist, doubles the amount of blood flow delivering oxygen to vital organs, increasing a cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival. In one city where EMS units regularly use the ResQPOD(r) impedance threshold device, overall resuscitation rates are up nearly 50% — the highest in nearly 30 years. Medics from Cypress Creek, Texas, will announce those results this week at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association. Unfortunately, not all cities have brought their EMS systems into compliance with the latest AHA guidelines. For more information and approved indications for use, log onto ——————————————————————————– Produced for Advanced Circulatory Systems, Inc.

MEDICA 2009: Films for Medical Device Packaging – Sealed Air

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Nicholas Berendt, European Marketing Manager at Sealed Air, explained how films for pharmaceuticals can be used to separate two individual ingredients for example in anti-cancer drug therapy . Watch more videos at:

SuperDimension medical device like GPS for airways

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Bill Green of SuperDimension showed the new inReach System at the 2009 Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit. It starts where the bronchoscope ends giving access to distal lesions of the lung with GPS-like navigation

medical device

realopen posted the video: We have years of experience in the medical device field. We provide the speed, innovation and creativity to make your medical device a reality.

Israel Clinical Trials Services, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Product Approvals

BlabNet posted the video: The news today leads off with the announcement by New Jersey based firm Synergy Research of its Israel Clinical Trials services. Its goal: to help the pharmaceutical and medical device industry avoid costly delays in early clinical trial development programs, in highly regulated environments such as the US and European Union member countries. The dramatic shifts in the last decade, from US to Europe, then back to US, alongside with shifts to less western style countries, is evidence of the increasingly regulated environment for early and first in man clinical trials. These conditions drastically extend timelines, increase costs, reduce patent life, prolong development life cycles, all spelling out to lost revenues on R&D efforts. Synergy Research has taken extensive strides towards tapping in to a western style healthcare environment, with a diverse population, well suited towards early and first in man clinical trials. Israel is a no-nonsense appropriately regulated environment, perfectly structured for the early R&D life of drugs and devices. Synergy Research conducts clinical trials in Israel, under GCP & ICH conditions, under INDs & IDEs. American clinical & regulatory staff execute and manage all programs conducted in Israel. All leading to the best possible data, under the most demanding standards, well under the time and costs for comparable studies conducted in the US or Europe.

EpiPen Demonstration – 3D Medical Device Animation

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For more information about 3D medical animations, visit This medical device animation is focused at educating patients on the general technique for injecting an EpiPen and the effects of the solution.

Real Medical Device Testing

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Defibrillator recalls … Bailin Labs tests them all

DRC Metrigraphics Miniaturization Technology for Medical Device Manufacturers

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Randy Sablich and Fred Pitman of DRC Metrigraphics explain the company’s miniaturization technology to MDT Editor-in-Chief, Sean Fenske, at the MD&M West 2010 show. Visit for more information about DRC Metrigraphics.

Michael Kinsley Testimony Against the ‘Medical Device Safety Act of 2009′

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Noted journalist and former co-host of CNN “Crossfire” Michael Kinsley has been successfully battling Parkinson’s Diseases for 15 years – thanks to the help state-of-the-art medical devices. On May 12, 2009, Michael testified before the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee against a misguided bill that would open the floodgate of lawsuits against American manufacturers of these lifesaving medical devices.

Galen Institute: ObamaCare’s “Breath Tax”, Medical Device Tax Hurt Consumers

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Galen Institute President Grace-Marie Turner on the harmful taxes of ObamaCare, including the “breath tax” requiring everyone to purchase government-apporved insurance or face a fine, and the tax on medical devices, the cost of which will be passed on to consumers.