Panorama: What now Mr President 1 of 3

poelseburger posted the video:

The first out of three episodes of the program “Panorama: What now Mr President” made by the BBC. All rights belong to the BBC, I just felt that the rest of the world should be able to see this program.

Description: “Barack Obama takes over as US President with a promise to dramatically change America and make it a fairer place. He is inheriting the worst economic crisis in almost a century, and a country so unequal that 23,000 people die every year because they cannot afford basic healthcare. To close the gap between rich and poor Obama will have to take on the might of the corporate world, which wields enormous influence in Washington. Can he change the world’s most powerful country, and should he?”

(C) British Broadcasting Company

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  1. On Nov 29, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    lower my premiums health insurance.

    If it goes $1 low It would be health insurance. It will be so co-pay b/s I’ll never beable to afford. Mine pays full, his only pays 50%, I’ll have to pay the rest. And with my wifes $169K heart surgery(bill). I’ll be paying on it the rest of my life.
    Now go get a copy of HR-1 and read it. his health care does nothing to help me as a working person. it does for all that are on welfare.
    But you would have known that if you had read HR-1.

  2. On Nov 30, 2007, sleepymagpie said:

    Angelboot; this documentry contains people who where living in tents while on Cemo. It isn’t a case of keeping up with the jones, it is keeping a roof over your head when your sick.

    And in point of fact, what Obama is planning will lower your premiums for health insurance to you muppet.

  3. On Dec 3, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    sure I would have my health insurance. I have up to 800 working hours before it’s dropped. Then from that point as long as I am sending in payment. It don’t matter what compay I work for. Just as long as the get their payments.

  4. On Dec 6, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    Why thank you. So you’re one of those that want to keep up with the Jones but yet have the nation help pay your needs.
    While you keep buying what you want, whine the the governmet(ther people) to pay for what you need.

    damn lazy ass Americans.

  5. On Dec 7, 2007, tucsoncat said:

    “People would rather have 4 cellphones i (sic) the home, rather than have health care. They would never drop their cable or internet to keep their health care.
    So basicly (sic) the want me to help pay for the cell phone, cable and internet.”

    I’m convinced, You are an idiot.

  6. On Dec 9, 2007, tucsoncat said:

    “If I’m layed (sic) off tomorrow. I’ll have somekind (sic) of work before the weekend.”
    Maybe, but you and your wife sure as hell won’t have health insurance.

  7. On Dec 10, 2007, tucsoncat said:

    Your rebuttal is woefully incomplete, and what you did write makes no sense. Look, we get it already: You are a shallow, selfish, pathetic excuse for a human being. An insecure, bitter, frightened, xenophobic Yahoo. A hypocrite who measures the worth of others by the size of their bankbooks. What we don’t understand is why you would boast about possessing such a shriveled soul. The only purpose you have in this world is to serve as a rotten example.
    And BTW, you might want to try spell-check.

  8. On Dec 12, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    People would rather have 4 cellphones i the home, rather than have health care. They would never drop their cable or internet to keep their health care.
    So basicly the want me to help pay for the cell phone, cable and internet.

  9. On Dec 15, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    If while looking for a job you can’t find one that pays as much as you have been making, you take it. Pay your bills and buy your own health care. If you won’t work for another company for lower till till something else breaks then yes you now fall under the lazy list of Americans.
    If I’m layed off tomorrow. I’ll have somekind of work before the weekend.
    Then that’s another problem with some people today.

  10. On Dec 17, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    My city tax the pays for the police and fire protection is just for that, my city. Not everyone across the nation.
    It also does pay for free college, welfare. That is already a program in place. The country doen’t need another 2 or 3 programs that do the same thing.
    What I am for is, if you want to go to collge, that’s fine.t you pay for it. If you want health care, you apy for it. It’s not the job of the country to pay for want but not willing to work for. If layed off go find another job.

  11. On Dec 17, 2007, tucsoncat said:

    When your job finally falls victim to corporate layoffs, ANGLEBOOT, I guess you’ll become just another “lazy American”. With your disdain for all things “socialist”, I assume you refuse to accept government police and fire protection. And you pay for your own road repairs, right? And surely, when you turn 65, you would NEVER stoop to accepting Social Security or Medicare benefits. You’re just another selfish hypocrite screaming, “I’ve got mine, so screw you!” Call yourself a Christian, do you?

  12. On Dec 19, 2007, fatdumbyankee said:

    enjoy your aids and cancer amerifucks

  13. On Dec 22, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    A national health care system isn’t a efficient system.
    I don’t want the government in having anything to do with health care.
    The day the government can balance the national budget, just maybe they might beable to run a national health care system. But don’t hold your breath.

  14. On Dec 24, 2007, wolfgangmo said:

    Yah, I thought you were pulling figure out of your John Brown nether parts.

    I don’t want you to pay for my health care. In fact I own a medical clinic in Minnesota. I do well for myself thank you. My problems with private insurance companies comes from long hard experience with them.

    Fact – private insurance companies have an average of 27% administrative overhead whereas the most expensive single payer system is at 7%. It is simple economics to go with a more efficient system.

    Get it?

  15. On Dec 27, 2007, wolfgangmo said:


    I am just curious. Where did your wife get this procedure done?

  16. On Dec 27, 2007, ANGLEBOOT said:

    Well jeffrey, I take it you’re one of the millions of lazy Americans people atre always talking about. Aways want people to do for you. First you want me to help pay for health care. Now you want me to post links that you can get in less than 5 minutes.

    Move to Europe if you want to free load off the country.

  17. On Dec 30, 2007, wolfgangmo said:

    Put up or shut up. Post a link.

  18. On Jan 2, 2008, tucsoncat said:

    “Why should my taxes pay for health coverage for my lazy, good-for-nothing neighbors? To this I would ask, “Why should MY taxes pay for YOUR police and fire protection?” Yes, those two nasty socialist entities – the Police and Fire Departments. Why? Because we live in something called a “Society”. And because we are all our brothers’ keepers.
    4. And finally, every negative thing you say re Canadian and European health care is propaganda BS. Quit watching Fox. Heal your cold and selfish heart.

  19. On Jan 5, 2008, tucsoncat said:

    ANGLEBOOT: Your arguments against universal single-payer health care are as asinine as they are predictable.
    1. the “British Broadcasting Company way of pushing European style socialism in America.” Why would they do this? What would they have to gain? Or is it a great world-wide “Socialist Conspiracy?”
    2. Lose your job, and guess what? Because of your wife’s cardiac history you won’t be able to buy insurance AT ANY PRICE.
    3. The argument that goes something like this:
    (to be continued)

  20. On Jan 5, 2008, ANGLEBOOT said:

    you do know you can go to their gov sites and see how much they do pay in %?

    Not only the Uk but pretty much all of Europe and Canada.

  21. On Jan 7, 2008, tonykw said:

    “…when in fact it cost them 45% of their pay”
    An utter lie.
    Whilst UK nationals pay more in tax directly they pay far less, really far less, that any american who has health insurance.
    Aggelboot is telling an outright LIE!

  22. On Jan 7, 2008, AveryTimm said:

    The American system is basically a new form of eugenics. If you can’t afford health care or you have a pre-existing condition, you won’t be able to get health care without going bankrupt. People can die of an infection caused by a toothache, or their whole family may go without health care because one member has a health problem. As long as people think the capitalist/freemarket way of doing things is always the best it will persist. Ask your politicians if they support eugenics…

  23. On Jan 7, 2008, ANGLEBOOT said:

    Heart replacement. Oh that was my wife 4 years ago. My total cost. $

    Do that with yours.

  24. On Jan 8, 2008, conniesnyder said:

    You big jerk. In today’s economic times, how insensitive of you to go online and brag that yours is “highest costing health care plan” and it’s “only a little over $8000.” Why don’t you use that insurance to get a heart or a brain replacement. Disgusting.

  25. On Jan 9, 2008, ANGLEBOOT said:

    $12K a year. There’s the problem. I have one of the highest costing health care plans and I only pay alittle over $8000.
    mine covers much more than the universal healthcare plan in Canada.
    1 friend in Canada had bad back problems. They cover him for about a year, after that they told him basically he was on his own. They would no longer cover him. They felt he should be all better now. When his doctors were saying he needed back surgery, the state run health care said he didn’t.

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