Poverty USA – healthcare – Nov 15 2007

AlJazeeraEnglish posted the video:

The United States is a land of plenty – yet many people there have no home to live in, and poor access to health care. In the first of three special reports… John Cookson shows us how poverty in the US takes its toll on people’s health.

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  1. On Sep 20, 2007, sammies123 said:

    the world will always have poverty,because 20% of all people are not born with the drive it takes to get some where in life. it is a genetic miss cue,poverty will always be with us.

  2. On Sep 22, 2007, robi2000 said:

    Do large countries exist where no one is poor ?

  3. On Sep 24, 2007, DrCherryPie said:

    poor people are NOT lazy, they work two shifts and do hard work to feed their families, its insulting to assume that people choose to be poor

  4. On Sep 25, 2007, clesio1960 said:

    i prefer to be poor here than here than rich anywhere.

  5. On Sep 28, 2007, toby43078 said:

    You’re not that educated if your using racist derogatory terms like “wetback”. And to also generalize all poor people as lazy,,,,thats just wrong,,,I feel sorry for you for being so ignorant..

  6. On Oct 2, 2007, ivandream said:

    Thank god i don’t lve in America.

  7. On Oct 4, 2007, NeoFalcon69 said:

    Generalising the poor is in my opinion foolish.

    Yes I agree to an extent but there are cases where families are forced below the breadline was simply out of their control.

  8. On Oct 4, 2007, Peshlakai4life said:

    People are LAZY! Bottom line!!!! No excuses, no exceptions! There are PLENTY of jobs out there, I HAVE NO SYMPATHY for the poor. If you have kids, they should be the reason you push harder to give them a good life. The poor use the GOVERNMENT or “whiteman” as an excuse instead of THEMSELVES! WAKE UP!!! GET A JOB!!! Wetbacks do it all the time, and they arent even from here!! They will get NO SYMPATHY from this PROUD EDUCATED NATIVE AMERICAN FEMALE. NONE WHATSOEVER!

  9. On Oct 7, 2007, HudsonRand said:

    Few realize that the number of people living in poverty will triple in the next five years. The entire wealth of the country is being redistributed to private offshore multinational investment empires. The US has become an IMF property in foreclosure.

  10. On Oct 10, 2007, patarciepaul said:

    America offers it poor citizens two things. Prison and the army.

  11. On Oct 13, 2007, reckonman said:

    the poor isnt really counted in america only from the middle class

  12. On Oct 14, 2007, mujibatt said:

    I have sympathy, trust me I do, but instead of just playing cards and living amongst rats, surely those adults could get up and clean – poverty yeah, but come on give yourself some standards – and oh yeah, they dont look starved to me. No replies please I dont acknowledge :) )

  13. On Oct 16, 2007, iwuzbored said:

    can a country such as America really be qualified as rich? i mean they do have money but they are trillions dollars in dept, and i dont mean 1-2 trilliion dept, i mean, somewhere near 700,000,000,000

  14. On Oct 20, 2007, aviomaster said:

    RICHEST COUNTRY… my ass …. I do not see THAT…. THE ELLITE is SUPER HYPER RICHER than anywhere else in the WORLD …. BUT people are POOR …. FUCK privately owned GOVERMENT ….

  15. On Oct 21, 2007, Nikkafan said:

    the rich turn a blind eye…their greed will be our downfall….

  16. On Oct 23, 2007, Glidescube said:

    The American media wont report it because no one cares anymore. A very sad but honest truth.

  17. On Oct 24, 2007, fuckusername2000 said:

    there is poverty becuase of greed. There are people and corporations with too much more money then they know what to do with…these rich fucks are the devils, the more they get the more the want. And the media is shit, white folks are the majority and welfare, but when the media shows stories on poverty it always shows black people continuing the sterotype that if you are poor, you are black. Pointless billions of dollars spent everywhere, but none to feed people. Shame on humanity.

  18. On Oct 27, 2007, laxmatt1984 said:

    This is the story that caused Dave Marash to quit.

  19. On Oct 27, 2007, Kynos1 said:

    Poverty is relative. You wouldn’t find people living under the conditions described in this video in countries like Germany or Switzerland. Maybe it’s because Europeans realize that not not wanting to pay taxes means that you will also get nothing from the state.

  20. On Oct 28, 2007, Darusdei said:

    muslims leeching? hahaha have you been here? there are not so many muslims here leeching anything

  21. On Oct 30, 2007, polidic said:

    Of course you wont hear this in the American Media. Thank you Al Jazeera

  22. On Nov 2, 2007, polidic said:

    Scandinavia has lots of advantages.

  23. On Nov 5, 2007, Goretexg13 said:

    There’s no poverty in scandanavia, lol? you just have muslims leaching off your welfare system which is why you pay so much in taxes.

  24. On Nov 8, 2007, Darusdei said:

    too bad, nothing like that in scandinavia :)

  25. On Nov 9, 2007, tuzachih said:

    this happens when you are a neoliberal country, you might have the richests persons in the world, the larger GDP, the largest military expenditure, but there is a large sector that lives in poverty LONG LIVE WELFARE STATES

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