Tens Machines are Helpful for Pain, and Can Help Produce Endorphins Too

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Having serious back pain caused me to be unable to walk, sit up or move without pain for many weeks. It has been a long ordeal that has put a serious cramp in my everyday life. During physical therapy, I was introduced to this incredibly helpful little machine called a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit. I think it more as a miniature miracle worker. The machine at the physical therapist’s is big and more complex than the one I bought, that is about the size of an Ipod.

The TENS machine I bought is little but mighty. It came with electrodes, sticky pads attached to wires, that plug into the machine. They are the conductors of the electrical currents that are controlled by knobs on top of the machine. You can choose between different sensations, such as buzzing, tapping or pinging, to choose what feels best for your personal taste. The pads are affixed to the area around the source of the pain, or directly on top of it. Choose what works best for you. Having four electrodes, it contained my spinal pain nicely.

To use the machine in detail, refer to the manual that comes along with each unit for details on frequencies, settings and others. Using the machine is considered safe, according to experts, and can be used for a long or short session, depending upon your needs. I kept mine on an hour, once a day, which did the trick for me. Now that I am feeling better, I use it here and there, on no regular schedule.

Though the TENS unit is helpful, it doesn’t cure the pain. It just distracts your body from feeling the pain with other stimulation. When you’re really hurting, that sure does come in handy. It also can help to release endorphins, or the chemicals that make your mood happier. That is an added bonus, in my opinion.

If you are suffering from pain and sick of taking a bunch of medicines alone, research TENS units online. Many physical therapy websites have them for sale. The stronger units require a doctor’s prescription, but the less fancy ones usually don’t. Look around. They are battery operated, but some have A/C adaptors. Compare models and try it out. If you have a physical therapist, inquire about getting one to them, and get their advice.

With time and the correct aids, your pain will hopefully decrease soon, and life will be much better again. I’ve been there and understand what it’s like to be in agonizing back pain. Don’t suffer passively, help recovery along by learning all you can about your condition, and try one of these great little units. Chances are, it will provide you the pain relief it did for me. Good luck and good health.

By: Carolyn McFann

About the Author:

Carolyn McFann is a scientific and nature illustrator, who owns Two Purring Cats Design Studio, which can be seen at: http://www.cafepress.com/twopurringcats . Educated at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, Carolyn is a seasoned, well-traveled artist, writer and photographer.

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