We The People – US Healthcare – 01 Sep 08 – Part 2

AlJazeeraEnglish posted the video:

Most agree the US health system is broken but few agree on how to fix it. 47 million Americans don’t have health insurance and if you do not have insurance or plenty of money you cannot get medical care.

We the People begins a new series looking at the issues in this year’s US presidential campaign by travelling to the Denver health facility in Colorado. the goal is to provide those even without insurance with stable health care.

Is this the best model for the rest of the nation?

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  1. On Dec 9, 2007, keenanmartens said:

    Unfortunately those are a few of the biggest myths that are preventing america from fixing it’s health care problem. The hospitals in britain are not filthy, they are emaculate and the wait lines are nowhere near as long as ppl think. Plus the hospitals are based on priority… so the severity of your condition will determine when you get treatment. This allows EVERYONE who truely needs the treatment, to get it. I’m not saying it’s a perfect system… but it’s far better than america’s.

  2. On Dec 10, 2007, MondoBeno said:

    This, and Michael Moore’s documentary SICKO, don’t show you the flipside of free universal heathcare.
    In Britain, hospitals are filthy. You can get free medical treatment, but you may have to wait months for it (an some people die waiting). If you’re over a certain age, you may be denied help. My school’s Headmaster had kidney disease, but was denied free treatment because he was over 60.
    If I need an operation that costs $60,000, I’m going to India or Thailand for it.

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  7. On Dec 24, 2007, bamboo4tameshigiri said:

    The US ranks 45th in overall world standards of health care. There are 3rd world nations with better care.

  8. On Dec 27, 2007, biantai888 said:

    I was unaware the English version was available. There was a huge resistance to getting it in the US.

  9. On Dec 28, 2007, MrDarkbloom said:

    Sure, for the most part i’m not disagreeing with you… The practical destruction of labour unions and narrow political spectrum leave much to be improved. Yes, there is certainly a limit to freedom in the US as in every country, but you must admit relatively there is a lot of freedom.. e.g the freedom of informations act is a very positive and useful thing which many countries don’t have. I lived in Africa for a year and it made my country (UK) seem like a libertarian paradise!

  10. On Dec 30, 2007, mengwise36 said:

    That is because you are not really speaking out against the government. Whether you are Democrat speaking out against a Republican administration or vice versa, you are just talking about policies. Try start a socialist or even a communist movement and see how free you really are.

  11. On Dec 30, 2007, monymizer said:

    Yup, and all capitalism started with THEFT! Think about it! All crooks! Now they are even stealing our retirement in the U.S.

  12. On Jan 3, 2008, basooome said:

    fuck capitalism – the most efficiently brutal and murderous system man has ever known!

  13. On Jan 4, 2008, MrDarkbloom said:

    Yeah, i know what you’re saying, but i’m talking relatively – you know, compared to other countries. There is a definate freedom of information and freedom of speech in the US (you don’t get thrown in prison for speaking out against the government etc), it’s just that the media doesn’t broadcast most of it. That’s a different problem.

  14. On Jan 5, 2008, askalice50 said:

    Canada is going the same way. Private for-profit clinics are opening across the country and doctors are abusing our universal health care. Too many doctors get into the profession with an eye towards the big house, the boat and the country club membership.

  15. On Jan 6, 2008, Peacenik said:

    limiting social services like Health Care and Education is just another way to keep the poor lower class people demoralized, fearful and easier to control.

  16. On Jan 6, 2008, roachmobile said:

    I can’t help but notice that she waited 14 months for treatment. Yet the big sell against Universal Health Care is the wait time for ELECTIVE surgeries. This lady would have been treated right away in Canada (for example).

  17. On Jan 8, 2008, sheepthing said:

    EXACTLY. It could also be spent on something like, oh I don’t know, ANYTHING OTHER THAN WAR AND WEAPONS AND VIOLENCE.

  18. On Jan 9, 2008, Pigseye said:

    Al Jazeera is available in the US. Alas, the average US citizen is so provincial they won’t accept information from anywhere that isn’t from the US. NIH, Not Inveneted Here syndrome. Although it is interesting that they will accept FOX news and Rupert Murdoch. Interesting isn’t it?

  19. On Jan 10, 2008, bluenote71 said:

    I highly advice that you all down under fight to prevent a change to private health care. Like they say: prevention is the best cure. You don’t want what we have in the US, and don’t wait till it’s too late.

  20. On Jan 12, 2008, biantai888 said:

    This is exactly the reason why Al Jazeera is unavailable in America.

  21. On Jan 13, 2008, bib777 said:

    MrDarkbloom, freedom of speech? I think you are being borderline delusional.

  22. On Jan 13, 2008, oceanbound222 said:

    The US has turned to shit

  23. On Jan 16, 2008, bethsheeba3 said:

    This could soon be Australia….only money talks. No value in the ordinary people.

  24. On Jan 17, 2008, SilkSwe said:

    Fix your problems at home before trying to fix the rest of the world.

  25. On Jan 17, 2008, hintil said:

    I hate this place, I hate this governed world. The hollow promises continue.

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